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Meet Detroit's Music Artist BB3 aka Benson Brown

Member of the local group The TRO Boyz Upcoming artist and actor Benson Brown III known as BB3 aka the Neighborhood Goat, 26 years of age born and raised in Detroit Michigan.
“Where I come from its rough police sirens helicopters and gunshots are something you gonna hear almost every day! It’s not so difficult being a full-time parent and full-time artist I’ve found some balance at this period and blessings been coming. I represent the struggle and becoming the voice of this generation my music is SOUL RAP a very compassionate sound of music not too many people are keeping it real I have a different role and move differently in these streets. I plan to make a difference by showing the world you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it and never give up…” said by Benson Brown lll.

The BB3 Actor

In the upcoming film “Cable Connection”, Benson Brown lll stars in a lead role playing a Detroit Kingpin who made millions of dollars using the cable industry and his connections to the streets. The independent film is based on a true story, and features other noticeable acts like Stretch Money. Growing in the city of Detroit builds a relentless character which some use to elevate from their current situation. Since a youth BB3 was always trying to figure out a way to change his financial situation. Which led to involvement in the streets, but after paying his dues to the legal system BB3 went all in to make his dream a reality building his own studio and offering audio engineering services.

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