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2020 Census Awareness Session and Live Presidential Debate Watch Party

2020 Census Awareness Session and Live Presidential Debate Watch Party

Join Twin Cities Urban League Young Professionals and the Black Army Brigade on Nov. 20th starting at 6:30 PM for a Community Conversation on Making Black Count at The Urban League Twin Cities building located on 2100 Plymouth Ave N, 55411.

During these event series, we will be facilitating a Community Discussion Series throughout the course of the 2020 Presidential election and Census cycles. The purpose of the series is to create safe spaces for youth and young adults to participate in community dialogue and build awareness of the importance of civic responsibility and collective participation.

The Census isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about empowerment. The decennial census is the most inclusive civic activity in our country, covering every person in every household. The data collected affect our nation’s ability to ensure equal representation and equal access to important governmental and private sector resources for all Americans across racial and ethnic lines. Census results are used to allocate seats and draw district lines for the U.S. House of Representatives, state legislatures, and local boards; to target at least $800 billion annually in federal assistance to states,
localities, and families; and to guide community decision-making affecting schools, housing, health care services, business investment, and much more. These functions depend on a fair and accurate census.
Unfortunately, certain population groups – referred to as “hard-to-count” – are at a higher risk of not being fully counted in the census. Some of these groups have been historically underrepresented in the census for decades.

African-American households are at risk of being undercounted. The African-American population has been historically undercounted in the decennial census, disadvantaging their families, communities, and neighborhoods.

For more information, please contact:
Vachel Hudson, Vice President, Twins Cities Urban League Young Professionals: mulypvicepresident@mul.org; 612-414-6014
Hassan As-Sidiq, Founder, Black Army Brigade: hassanassidiq512@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: @mplsulyp, Facebook: Minneapolis Urban League Young Professionals and IG: @mplsulyp or visit www.mul.org/support
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