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Joe Davis is focused on healing through the arts

Music has been a tool for connecting words to the soul. Joe Davis, a music artist from Minneapolis has been using funk and soul to build a deeper connection with fans, the community, and the art. Using his talents to grow with his network of talented artists forming The New Renaissance LLC. We were able to get to know the soulful artist & entrepreneur in a more personal way. Read more below.

Who is Joe Davis?

Joe Davis, a music artist from Minneapolis
Joe Davis CEO of The New Renaissance LLC
Joe Davis is a nationally touring writer, speaker, and performer based in Minneapolis, MN. He is the CEO of The New Renaissance, LLC, frontman of emerging soul, funk, and spoken word ensemble, The Poetic Diaspora, and co-founder / Artistic Director of H-Cubed: Hope, Healing, Harmony, a grassroots community movement centered on healing through the arts. As a student and educator, he has served as a teaching artist at dozens of high schools and universities and most recently as the Artist-in-Residence at Luther Seminary, receiving a master’s in Theology of the Arts.

Meet the Company
The New Renaissance: Cultural architecture.

Everything is architecture. Everything is culture. To be a cultural architect is to catalyze futurism, actualize a vision, and embody imagination. To shape the world around us with creativity, intention, and purpose. If the world is what we make it, what will we make of it?
Inspired by an ancestral legacy of artistic excellence, The New Renaissance is a multi-media production company that cultivates immersive experiences at the nexus of poetry, music, and theater to center the margins and power innovation.

The Joe Davis Interview

Question #1 Who are you and where you from?

“I am Joe Davis, born at military air force base in Minot, North Dakota to a persnickety Jamaican immigrant mother and hardworking Chicagoan father, and one amazing older sister.” Said by Joe Davis

Question #2 What do you do? And why?

“I’m an artist. I cultivate joy, beauty, and healing in the world because that’s what my ancestors and my community have taught me to do. ” Said by Joe Davis

Question #3 What inspired you to get started?

“I was sick for several years of my childhood and felt like my potential was stifled when art gave me the space to create identity, community, and healing.” Said by Joe Davis

Question #4 What are some obstacles you had or have to face during your journey.

“My greatest limitations are the ones I impose on myself. I’m still learning about which limitations are healthy and which limitations are constricting. I’m practicing transforming the internalized trauma, racism, sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, and other toxicities I carry in my body so I don’t carry it forward to others, freeing myself and inviting others to do the same.” Said by Joe Davis

Question #5 How do you plan on having an impact in Minneapolis?

“I’m building a culture of health and well-being through the arts. Cultivating balance and harmony—in the body, mind, spirit—through intentional, artful experiences and practices.
Practices build culture and culture builds a legacy. I want to be one of the collective many who upholds a legacy of healing and liberation for generations beyond my own. ” Said by Joe Davis

Question #6 How can people follow or learn more?

The New Renaissance LLC uses art as a tool to shape culture. Join us in this work of world-making by attending The Collaboratory or contributing online:

The Collaboratory


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