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Meet the Minneapolis author Deontae Henderson who is using books to write his own narrative

Deontae Henderson
Deontae Henderson
We had a chance to ask the Minneapolis native and book author Deontae Henderson a few questions. Based on topics to further understand who is this Minneapolis author and why should people pay attention. Being a child's book author isn't easy not to mention to be doing to have the drive to publish 2. Learn about this young author below.

Interview Questions with Deontae Henderson

Question #1 Who are you and where you from?

"My name is Deontae Henderson and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota," said Deontae Henderson

Question #2 What do you do? And why?

"I am a published children’s book author. I create fun stories for children that are designed to inspire, inform, and educate the reader at the same time." said Deontae Henderson

Question #3 What inspired you to get started?

"I simply wanted to tell my life story the easiest way possible and do it in a way that children would enjoy and parents would be intrigued. That thought process led me to write my first book TO THE TOP" said Deontae Henderson

Question #4 What are some obstacles you had or have to face during your journey

"I had to ignore people that told me that I was too young to write and publish a book and that it was hard to find a publisher. Instead of getting discouraged by other people’s opinions and waiting around for a publishing company to give me a chance, I decided that I would find a way to get the book published myself and still get it in front of people on major platforms like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Since my first book TO THE TOP, I have gone on to write four more, with one being a best seller on Amazon ( The Hungriest Pirate)" said Deontae Henderson

Question #5 How do you plan on having an impact in Minneapolis?

"I plan on impacting my city, by going around the world and leaving my mark. When I do this, people will always ask where I’m from, and I will say Minneapolis, Minnesota with a smile on my face. This will show both the people wondering where I’m from and the people from Minneapolis that you can come from anywhere and make things happen." said Deontae Henderson

Question #6 How can people follow your movement and contact you?

"They can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @justdeontae. My books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook, iBook, Kindle, and other major book websites." said Deontae Henderson

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