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Defining her path of Entrepreneurship and purpose, Carmen Bounds

Detroit's Carmen Bound is using her path to entrepreneurship to build a better future.

In a city known for its hustle, one woman has chosen to embrace that journey. A journey that comes with its fair share of ups and downs but also helps identify who we are, our purpose, and goals in life. Carmen Bounds is using her experiences, for instance, having her daughter to drive and motivate her to build a better future. Below you will get a chance to meet Carmen Bounds, Entrepreneur & Mother.

#1 Who are you and where you from?

"I am Carmen Bounds a young entrepreneur on the rise from Detroit, MI"

Defining her path of Entrepreneurship and purpose, Carmen Bounds

#2 What do you do? And why?

"As of now I work part time cleaning homes and take care of the elderly working towards my license has a CNA while working on my Wig Line", said Carmen Bound

#3 What inspired you to get started?

"Definitely when I had my daughter that’s what inspired me to do more and make sure I was able to provide for her. " said Carmen Bound

#4 What are some obstacles you had or have to face during your journey?

" During this journey, I would say that I was getting in my own way. Sometimes I would think to myself and say I wasn’t doing enough. Or I could do better. Being a parent isn’t an easy job but with the right support and can be easier. Thankfully I have my family that helps out a lot." said Carmen Bound

#5 How do you plan on having a impact in Detroit?

"To be honest that is going to be a tough plan to do. In Detroit I feel like we can’t do anything positive without someone stealing/or robbing us." said Carmen Bound

#6 How can people follow or learn more?

"I do have two social media platform;" IG: karmynsierra and shopgkcollection FB: Karmyn Sierra


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