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Local business owners & brands in the business industry using the corona-virus to get closer to their supporters

Fitness small business owners are utilizing social media during the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic
Photo by ENDS Media LLC at Not2Thick2BeFit Workout Session

During these trying times, a lot of businesses had to close their doors. Causing huge financial and emotional turmoil for families across the country. One industry, in particular, is the fitness & wellness industry. Due to its high volume of public access and interactions in close areas, the government seized all business operations in this industry. Leaving personal trainers, gym owners, massage therapist and more out of work.

Pushing through

Fitness teaches us how to build mental and physical fortitude, embodying the term sound mind, sound body. So when an epidemic hits the United States which is home to the largest fitness community, have seen its entrepreneurs face adversity. As like they would if they were to be in the gym or outdoors. Many rushed to their phones and computers to show their resiliency in this odd time.

Social Media Marketing at its best 

Fitness Guerrilla Marketing 

Many instructors and fitness influences took to their life to discuss their plans to face the government shutdown. Engaging with those who support and participate in their classes to show their will to keep pushing. Instagram & Facebook became home to conversations but also public workouts. With all this free time many users have to time actually watch and learn. So after a while, many people are doing just that, converting cardio work sessions and yogi classes just to name a few into online engaging fitness communities.

Post by NMK Fitness

A post shared by ISSA CERTIFIED TRAINER πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ (@nmk_fitness) on

Build a community

One of the biggest perks to social media is its ability to bring people together without actually having to physically be together. People are starting to see this value and use it as a tool to help push the benefits of their industry or service. No matter if your vegan, nutritionist, fitness instructor, or athlete there's a community of individuals who think similar to you and are actually searching for people like you to connect with. Normally what would be time-consuming is now a need for some and an advantage for others to build a connection with those who can't get your value in a person.

Post from Not2Thick2BeThick

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