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     ENDS (Eating~N~Da~Streets) = Making The Most Out Of Your Current Circumstance 

    About ENDS Media 

    Founding Year: 2017
    Founder: Jovan "Bazz" Shabazz

    Our Mission

    It is ENDS Media mission to connect the voice to the ones that value it while providing an on-demand availability. Bridging the gap between the value and the value seeker. ENDS Media will use its creative strategies and expertise to distribute value and bring cultural awareness while providing an asset to the community and people we serve.

    Our Goal

    Deliver high-quality valuable content from creators and voices around the world. Providing a creative experience that holds value and provides substance and benefits the public. Creating platforms, products, and services that help grow industries as well as communities.

    ENDS Marketing Team

    ENDS Media LLC takes the time to recruit and nurture our talented marketing specialist. Our marketing team comes backed with over 15+ years of experience in a digital marketing era. 

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